USCG Ending Ground Mission in Afghanistan

Ever since 2003 the US Coast Guard has had small teams on the ground in Afghanistan to inspect and certify shipments heading from the war back to the US, but now with combat operations in Afghanistan ending months ago, that team's mission is ending, and the Coast Guard is pulling out of Afghanistan all together. Read more »

To Fight Drug Smuggling, USCG Fleet Needs Upgrades

The Coast Guard's ability to interdict drug smugglers and immigrants in the Gulf of Mexico has fallen steadily since the 2009 sequestration cuts, and it is asking for more money in fiscal year 2016 to help turn the tide. Read more »

The VA, One Year Later

It's been about a year since it was revealed that a VA hospital in Phoenix was concealing wait times for soldiers' care and that soldiers have died while waiting for care, and while progress has been made, not everyone is satisfied. Read more »

Military Personnel System In Need of an Overhaul

After only 5 weeks on the job, Defense Secretary Ash Carter is worried about both recruiting and retaining the best soldiers for America's military in the coming years. To that end, DefSec Carter has come up with a dramatic change to the US military's personnel system and structure.

Some of his proposed changes:

  • Change the promotion system to put increased weight on skill and merit, and less emphasis on seniority.

President, Defense Secretary Both Support Retirement Overhaul

The call to change military retirement benefits has gotten some support from those in the upper levels of the government, as both the White House and Defense Secretary Ash Carter both support the idea of overhauling the military retirement system. Read more »

Defense Budget Woes...Again

Both Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey testified in mid-March that the House defense budget, which uses emergency war funding to skirt defense spending limits, would be vetoed by the President if it passes through Congress.

The budget proposal, which would maintain the $523 billion cap for base spending and put $94 billion into the OCO fund, came from fiscal conservatives in the House Budget Committee. Other budgets have proposed exceeding the base budget cap and providing $577 billion for the base budget with $51 billion for the OCO fund. Read more »

Service-Wide PT Test Cancelled

After more than 2 years of testing, research, and development, Coast Guard officials have decided not to implement a service-wide fitness test. Read more »

Military Pay Raises Not Keeping Pace with Private Sector

Although the 2016 Defense budget calls for a 1.3 percent raise in basic pay for soldiers and their families, the paychecks for military members are still getting smaller according to Col. Mike Hayden (USAF, ret.), the director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America. Read more »

Pentagon Advises Employees to Remain Vigilant

The Pentagon's internal security agency, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, sent out an internal memo to its personnel last week that they could potentially be targets for ISIL or other terrorist groups, and to take appropriate precautions. Read more »

USCG Cutter Fires at Iranian Vessel

Both the US Coast Guard and the Iranian Navy have confirmed that a single shot was fired from the USCG cutter Monomoy late last month. Read more »

Coast Guard Anchor Line

Memorial Day Message

As Written by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Washington, D.C., Monday, May 25, 2015
0 sec ago

Leaders work to achieve 'vet friendly' status in South Carolina

The fact that South Carolina might not be considered a veteran-friendly state by the Department of Defense is an issue leaders across the state are working hard to prevent.
45 min 19 sec ago

Army members thank Charles Carroll Elementary students for care packages

Before Charles Carroll Elementary School kicked off its annual Play Day, students, teachers and parents gathered on a grassy hill next to the school's basketball court to watch as five members of the U.S. Army presented the school with a flag that had been flown over Bagram Airfield, the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan.
1 hour 4 min ago

Top UN official says Europe must open borders

The head of the U.N.'s refugee agency says borders must be "open to Syrians everywhere," including in Europe, and that the world must do more to support Middle Eastern countries hosting Syrian refugees.
1 hour 13 min ago

Navy grad's cold-case homicide remains unsolved 30 years later

In late May 1984, Pamela Cahanes said goodbye to her family. Her mother drove her to the airport, and she flew 1,300 miles southeast to the Orlando Naval Training Center in what is now Baldwin Park. But two days after she graduated from boot camp, her adventure was cut short. The morning of Aug. 5, 1984, Cahanes was found dead in Sanford.
1 hour 31 min ago

Air Force sergeant honored at daughter's Marlton school

As tears rolled down his face, a fatigue-clad Rafael Encinas placed his head in his hands and tried to compose himself while surrounded by a few hundred Marlton students decked out in red, white and blue. Encinas was Evans Elementary's honoree at this year's Memorial Day celebration, but he said the day was not about him.
1 hour 50 min ago