US Ports May Be Open to Cyberthreats

According to a report written by Cmdr. Joseph Kramek, who serves in the Coast Guard Office of Congressional Affairs, US ports are wide open to a cyberattack. Read more »

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In Trump's Russia scandal, McCain sees 'echoes of the Cold War'

Almost every day, Sen. John McCain said Sunday, there's some new revelation about Russia's alleged attempts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election.
15 weeks 6 days ago

A journey into Syria's secret torture wards

In interviews across Lebanon, Turkey and Europe, more than a dozen survivors and army defectors described horrors in Syrian military hospitals across the country for which war crimes lawyers say they have struggled to find a modern parallel.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Grass fire spreads near golf course at Osan Air Base

A grass fire broke out Monday in a remote area and spread to Osan Air Base, sending plumes of gray smoke into the sky for nearly three hours.
15 weeks 6 days ago

South Korean activists call for investigation into Yongsan oil spills

“We cannot leave the Yongsan base return issue to be dealt with only by the irresponsible U.S. military and incompetent Korean government,” Kim Eun-hee, a member of the residents’ organization, said at a press conference to release the findings.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Four US servicemembers arrested over the weekend on Okinawa

The arrests caught the eye of prefectural officials who swiftly condemned the alleged actions.
15 weeks 6 days ago

Army plan to add storage space in Germany raises concern about hazardous materials

The Defense Logistics Agency wants to stockpile oil and other petroleum products to ensure sufficient reserves are in place “to better meet the U.S. military’s commitment to NATO,” the agency said.
15 weeks 6 days ago