US Ports May Be Open to Cyberthreats

According to a report written by Cmdr. Joseph Kramek, who serves in the Coast Guard Office of Congressional Affairs, US ports are wide open to a cyberattack. Read more »

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Manchester police seek clues in concert bomber's suitcase

Police in Manchester, England issued a picture of the arena suicide bomber holding a blue suitcase and asked anyone who might have seen him with it before the attack to call a confidential hotline.
19 hours 31 min ago

Merkel warns against 'simple answers' after Trump meetings

Chancellor Angela Merkel cautioned Monday against seeking "simple answers" to complex global issues, a day after suggesting that Europe's relationship with the U.S. had shifted significantly following NATO and G-7 meetings with President Donald Trump that produced disappointing results.
20 hours 51 min ago

In Syria, more airstrikes hit IS de facto capital of Raqqa

More airstrikes and artillery shelling on Monday hit the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State group, as U.S.-backed fighters pushed closer to the extremists' stronghold, activists said.
21 hours 19 min ago

Abandonment of NATO can’t be walked back

Even more than a willingness to use force in defense of an ally, Article 5 has come to embody the political commitment that undergirds the alliance of the West.
21 hours 47 min ago

Colbert is lucky he’s not a professional athlete

None of this means athletes are more or less sensitive than the average talk show host. But if they say something patently offensive, their teams or leagues are going to do something about it.
21 hours 48 min ago

Iraq paramilitaries reach Iraq's border with Syria

Iraq's mostly Iran-backed Shiite paramilitary forces reached the border with Syria on Monday after securing a string of small villages west of Mosul, according to a spokesman for the group.
21 hours 57 min ago