US Ports May Be Open to Cyberthreats

According to a report written by Cmdr. Joseph Kramek, who serves in the Coast Guard Office of Congressional Affairs, US ports are wide open to a cyberattack. Read more »

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The deep state comes to America

In recent weeks, news outlets as varied as Breitbart, Infowars, the Intercept and AlterNet have run stories about an American deep state. The term probably arrived on U.S. shores by people straining to make sense of events in countries with such disparate histories, cultures and political systems as Turkey, Egypt and the United States.
19 hours 43 min ago

Tale of 2 cities: What happened when factory jobs moved from Ohio to Mexico

Two workers live 1,800 miles and a border apart and have never met. But their stories embody the massive economic shift that has accompanied the rise of free trade.
19 hours 43 min ago

Meet 5 people who think President Trump is off to a great start

What do Trump's supporters who don't agree with everything he says think about his first month in office? We spoke with five people who had somewhat positive views of Trump in a January poll just before his inauguration and who agreed to a follow-up interview.
19 hours 43 min ago

Stop the Trump hysteria. His early stumbles are nothing new.

Judgments about Trump's presidency based on his first month in the Oval Office are by definition premature, and history gives us few useful precedents for an era that moves at the speed this one does.
19 hours 44 min ago

WWII paratrooper didn't let injury stop him from enjoying life

For Robert O. Allen, who grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania during the Great Depression, joining the Army during World War II and volunteering to be a paratrooper to make extra money was a deal he could not pass it up. It was a choice, however, that changed his life.
19 hours 45 min ago

Iraq's secretive security unit hunting down sleeper cells in Mosul

Using tips from Mosul residents, Iraq's National Security Service is taking the lead in tracking suspected Islamic State sleeper cells that have managed remain behind as Iraqi forces fight to retake the country's second largest city.
20 hours 37 min ago