US Ports May Be Open to Cyberthreats

According to a report written by Cmdr. Joseph Kramek, who serves in the Coast Guard Office of Congressional Affairs, US ports are wide open to a cyberattack. Read more »

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Saudi crown prince is doing damage control

As Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman detonates his bombs, he must avoid blowing himself up.
6 hours 13 min ago

Strangulation foreshadows fatal domestic abuse

Strangulation, as a signal of dangerousness, is not only overlooked by most law enforcement officers and prosecutors, it’s not always recognized by health care workers.
6 hours 14 min ago

Pentagon halts release of Guantanamo detainee art

The military has decided that art made by wartime captives is U.S. government property and has stopped releases of security-screened prisoner art to the public. One attorney says the U.S. military intends to burn cellblock art.
6 hours 15 min ago

Military dog wins British prize for valor under fire

Mali, an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois, on Friday received the Dickin medal – the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, Britain's top award for military valor.
6 hours 17 min ago

US escalates Somalia fight while Pentagon downplays buildup

There are now 500 U.S. troops in Somalia, where the military has carried out daily airstrikes in the past week, but the Pentagon refuses to call it a buildup.
6 hours 23 min ago

Can France's Macron bring Lebanon back from the brink?

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying on a new mantle: Mideast peacemaker. He's trying to defuse Lebanon's political crisis and preserve regional stability by leveraging France's trade relations with rival players in the region and historical ties to its former protectorate.
6 hours 26 min ago