A Second Reliance-class Cutter Open to Enlisted Women

A second 210-foot Coast Guard cutter, the Dauntless, has 10 open positions that are currently open to both enlisted men and women. However, due to the berthing situation aboard the Dauntless (and other 210-ft Reliance-class cutters), if not enough enlisted women apply, the jobs could go to some lesser-qualified men.

The CO of the Dauntless, Cmdr. Christopher Strong, expects to create a berthing area that would be able to accommodate around 10-15 women, although there is no official word on the minimum number of women necessary to fill the area.

Although all 14 Reliance-class cutters are open to women officers, due to the berthing design, only one other ship of this class (the Alert) has availability for women enlisted. With the decommissioning of each 378-ft High Endurance cutters, enlisted women lose about 20 opportunities to serve on a ship. The replacement for the High Endurance ships, the 418-ft National Security cutters, have flexible berthing and unlimited opportunities for women, but only 3 of the 8 planned are currently in service.

Having enlisted women able to serve on a second Reliance-class cutter will help increase the number of jobs afloat while the other National Security-class ships come in service.